how is it that foraging can be trendy?

below is an exerpt from an article written by Melissa Leong about foraging and the role of found food in today’s Sydney restaurants..

lots of great names in there:


In case you hadn’t heard, in the culinary world, foraging is the new black. With internationally acclaimed rockstarschefs like Rene Redzepi bringing the trend into the spotlight, it seems every chef is digging, bush-bashing and weeding high and low for local edible leaves, flowers, funghi and berries to add onto their menus.

What is foraging? Essentially, it’s the act of looking or searching for food– in the way humans used to do to survive before agriculture was introduced. “Searching the woods or parks or even cracks in the pavement for edible plants has become the latest culinary obsession,” according to  Time magazine.

In Australia, chefs like Ben Shrewy from Attica in Melbourne and Daniel Pepperell from Oscillate Wildly and more, have practically made foraging into an artform, sourcing local produce like nasturtiums, elk, sea succulents and salt berries for their menus.

Here are a chefs who champion the art and their restaurants.

read on..


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