On Bunya nuts, bumper crops and the wait for tubers

“Bunya pines fruit every year, but once in 3 the plants have a “bumper crop” where there is much more cones than usual. That’s what happened last year, when we went to Callan park and were lucky to collect a number of the cones.
There were so much nuts in it, which were being eaten by possums in the park and many had little bite marks!
We ate for ages the fresh nuts, just straight in the pan, roasted in the shell until they popped and yum!

We also planted some, as according to some research we’ve done, the nuts (seeds) if planted they sprout and make a tuber in the early stages of development, which is also edible and apparently delicious.

According to our research, sprouted Bunya nuts were one of the only form of cultivation indigenous people did in this country.. they must have been worth it!

We’ll share more information as soon as we see them/eat them”

Lee + Licky


2 responses to “On Bunya nuts, bumper crops and the wait for tubers

  1. Hi Diego, I actually made a damper bread using the roasted and ground seeds of the bunya nut… in a Dutch oven on the campfire made by the kids. Absolutely delicious! Alexandra

  2. I look forward to seeing the results! I am interested in growing Kurrajong and Bunya as tree annuals although I was told by the person growing the former that Kurrajong is more like a carrot or parsnip in use and texture. Post many pictures and I suggest going on facebook and joining Radix4Roots group to share the results!

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