on the hunt for mulberries


Mickie: Mate, that was a pleasant surprise to switch on the radio at 6:30 to hear your voice! Great interview on RN, very articulate!

Me: Thanks, Joel, the host, was amazing and fun to talk to. Thanks Mick 🙂

Me: I loved the hunt for the mulberry part 🙂

Mickie: Yes, the hunt for the mulberry weaved itself beautifully through the interview, building up with the revelations that despite never picking the berries as a kid, the interviewer did have connections through the silkworm, culminating at the end with the joke about sharing the bounty! Great stuff Boss.

Me: Uh! Great comment boss, might blog/Facebook this 🙂

Mickie: Go for it! I also loved the Uncle bit, you gotta start calling yourself Uncle Diego. I hearby renounce calling you Boss, you are Uncle to me now!

Me: ha ha ha.. Excellent!


..away from keyboard, probably in a field..



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