12 Best Wild Edibles

12 Best Wild Edibles

sorry to all the plants who didn’t make it in, we should do a 100 Best.. coming


5 responses to “12 Best Wild Edibles

  1. Hey Diego, the Warrigal Greens cutting that I got at one of your Cook River walks last year is doing very well in our garden. Delicious! Blogpost soon.

  2. Just read the story in SMH. Good one. Congrats!

  3. A great list Diego, and an important one. To badly paraphrase, ‘give a man Cribb & Cribb or another wild plant bible, and he may read for lifetime, give him Diego’s Top 12 and he may actually forage for a day… and from there perhaps be ready for Cribb & Cribb…’. Sure, I’d maybe want a place for watercress and nasturtium, and might make a case for them… if I didn’t already safely assume you’d weighed them up for the list that has to stop somewhere.

    Top 6 foraged fruit next please. ?mulberry, loquat, lillipilli, lemons, olives, blackberry, plums… ? Oops that’s 7, even before I got to crab apples…


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