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On foraging and making videos

From Alex and Clare 🙂


Pioneers from vdmalex on Vimeo.


2010 we attended a ‘Weed Tour’ of Sydney Park, hosted by local artist Diego Bonetto as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s major exhibition ‘In The Balance: Art for a Changing World’. Diego introduced us to his friends – dandelion, wild mustard, sowthistle and more, unjustly categorised as weeds despite their various culinary and medicinal values. We came to understand these species not as weeds, but as Pioneers, colonising and breaking the bare ground left exposed by human intervention.

We came to appreciate our local environment in a new light – seeing every verge, every overgrown lot, every forgotten space as bountiful gardens and potential smorgasbords. We set out on our bikes to see what edible goodies we could find.

Alex Papasavvas and Clare Devlin-Mahoney.

Please note that we had positively identified each plant species as safe prior to consumption. Don’t eat anything unless you know exactly what it is. and be careful of polluted or contaminated soil


On How To Make Dandelion Infused Oil

This is a great introduction to making infused oils from your fresh herbs. Dandelion oil smells like summertime and is great for aching muscles and joints.

From about.com

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes, then 2 weeks

Here’s How:

Pick one glass container full of dandelion blossoms.
Pour olive oil over blossoms until they are fully covered.
Using a wooden handle of a kitchen utensil, or a chopstick,
carefully poke the mixture to remove air bubbles.
Cover glass container with a breathable lid, such as a
coffee filter or woven cloth, held on with a rubber band.
Place in sun to steep for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Strain and keep in a cool, dark place.

What You Need
Glass container
Breathable lid, such as a coffee filter or woven cloth

tattoo idea for dandelion’s lovers

Source: flickr.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Wild Stories, the first booklet